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Seven Dutch financial institutions may be involved in evading taxes and are ‘extremely vague’ about what they do to ensure this does not happen, the Dutch Fair Bank Guide said on Wednesday.
Executives from 24 Dutch councils, including Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, are urging the economic affairs ministry to ban circuses from using wild animals.
The Netherlands has failed to improve its position on the World Economic Forum’s list of the world’s most competitive economies after falling from fifth to eighth place last year.

Dutch artist floats giant wooden hippo down London river
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has created a giant wooden hippo sculpture in London, inspired by an illustration in one of his daughter’s books.

Social insurance bank scraps new IT system which cost €44m
The social insurance bank SVB, which pays out state pensions and child benefits, has abandoned its new IT system because of persistent failings.

Man arrested in The Hague after returning from Syria
A 29-year-old man from The Hague was arrested at his home on Tuesday on suspicion of having fought with fundamentalist militias in Syria.

Health minister to rethink regulatory roles after damning report
Health minister Edith Schippers is to look again at the dual role carried out by the Dutch health authority NZA, which both regulates the market and draws up policy.

Working hours rise for staffing agency workers
The number of hours worked by staffing agency personnel rose again in the four weeks between July 14 and August 10, sector association ABU said on Tuesday.

Complaints about racial discrimination double
The number of racial discrimination complaints received by hotlines was double that of the whole of 2013 by the end of August this year.

Dutch music channel breaks into German market, aims for US
Dutch music channel XITE has signed a contract with two German cable tv providers which will add seven million viewers to its reach.

Property tax valuations fall 5%
Property tax valuations went down by an average 5% at the beginning of this year compared with January 2013, the national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday.

Fyra high-speed trains finally return to Italy
The first of the 16 Fyra high-speed trains sold back to the manufacturers are expected to set off on their return journey to Italy this weekend, the NRC reports.

Housing benefit bill reaches €2.4bn
Almost one in five of all households in the Netherlands received financial help with paying their rent last year, according to government figures quoted by Metro on Tuesday.

Hotel prices remain high in the Netherlands
The price of a hotel room in the Netherlands rose 2% in the first half of 2014 to an average €124 a night.

The owners of old cars are selling their vehicles abroad to avoid tax
Owners of old cars have been selling their vehicles en masse since the government introduced road tax for older cars at the beginning of this year.

NS will take you home if last train is late
People stranded at their local station because the last train was late will be taken to their front door by transport arranged by Dutch railway company NS.

Dutch football clubs make more transfers this season
In total, 533 players at Dutch football clubs have moved in the summer transfer period, the football association said on Tuesday.

Dutch universities are using more flexible contract staff
An increasing number of university academic staff are being employed on flexible contracts, the Volkskrant reports on Tuesday.

Anti-pollution measures, green policies ease threat to Dutch nature
After years of decline, there are signs of improvement in Dutch flora and fauna stocks, the national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday.

Shell opens first petrol station Starbucks - in the Netherlands
The first branch of coffee seller Starbucks at a Shell petrol station will open in the Netherlands on Tuesday.

Dutch Rail gets amber light to increase rush-hour ticket prices
Dutch railway company NS may be given the go-ahead to increase the price of rush-hour tickets if it is the only way to reduce overcrowding.

Dutch soldiers may join special Nato mission, defence minister confirms
Dutch soldiers may join a special Nato rapid reaction force in light of the situation in Ukraine, defence minister Jeanine Hennis confirmed on Monday, Nos television reports.

Almost 7,000 geese rounded up and gassed near Schiphol this spring
Pest control companies rounded up and gassed almost 7,000 geese in a 20 kilometre radius from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport this spring, the NRC reports on Monday.

Damning report condemns health authority conflicts of interest
A damning leaked report has called for a major shake up in the way the Dutch health authority operates, saying the current set up is vulnerable to conflicts of interest and government interference.

Dutch F-16 fighter jets patrol Baltic skies
Four Dutch airforce F-16 fighter jets are patrolling the skies above Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from Monday, broadcaster RTL news reports.

Animal rights group criticises Dutch pension funds on factory farms
The massive Dutch civil service pension fund ABP is one of several investing millions of euros in factory farms in China, Thailand and Brazil, according to animal welfare campaign group Wakker Dier.

Studying for an MBA abroad takes all sorts of investments but the returns are definitely worth it, says Yoony Kim.
Wake up and smell the chemicals
photo Dutch newspapers
Insecticides cause bird populations to drop and poison the water. Meanwhile, the insecticide industry faces no restrictions whatsoever. Politicians need to wake up and smell the chemicals, says Cor Verdaasdonk.
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